Here is what people said at the first 3 town halls.



  • Explore history of LGBTQ community

  • Resources - transition

  • Finances (wills, finances)

  • Older people who don't’ have opportunities, job training

  • LYG needs its own space

  • Community center just for youth; more defined space

  • Summer camp (access to playspace - gym, library, LGBTQ authors)

  • Access to puberty blockers

  • LGBT shelter with emphasis on trans youth?

  • Bankers, investors from past the basic economic needs

  • training/education on investing, classes

  • Changing culture at banks

  • LGBT doctors (UofL physicians)

  • 24 hour crisis hotline monitored by people who identify

  • Encompass LYG in the same location - make access to services more meaningful

  • Resources for LGBTQ Veterans?

  • Clothing exchange and/or dressing rooms

    1. A safe place for gender questioning youth to try on clothes

  • Being a partner with LYG and other youth groups around Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio

  • Gathering ideas for youth from the youth themselves

  • Homeless shelter - LGBT exclusive

  • Safe spaces

  • Homeless LGBT youth disproportionately represented among homeless

  • Comprehensive appropriate sex education

  • suicide/self-harm prevention/support

  • (and elders)

    1. Intergenerational events bringing the youth and elders together

    2. Going forward the history of the pride movement with our youth

  • Safe space for children of LGBTQ parents to discuss their experiences/resources/meet others


  • Intersectionality

  • People of color need to be visible on LGBTQ community coalition not whitewashed

  • Need more medical professionals within the African American Spanish Community

  • Space for Transwomen and Men

  • LGBTQ inclusive of Black Lives Matter

  • Town Hall meeting in the west end

  • Traveling to other cities to look at their centers

  • Black youth not inclusive, need of LGBTQ center in West End

  • Inside PR needs to show people of color talking about their own interest

  • Look at world spectrum

  • Language barrier

  • Great locations

  • Space for BLM-LGBTQ

  • Specific black lives matter LGBTQ space

  • Economic disenfranchisement needs to be addressed

  • LGBT issues are white washed

  • Are people of color more or less in need of recovery support?

  • Encompass LYG in the same location to make access to services more meaningful

  • Locate the center in a truly central place, not in a place central to the East End

  • We need more medical professionals within the African American Spanish community

  • Space for trans women of color

  • Challenge assumptions of others. What is culturally appropriate?

  • Spirituality & how it intersects with sexuality

  • Different for people of color



  • Having a chaplain on staff

  • Spirituality/ consider whole person

  • Needs to be on a Two-way street. The center we had was on a one-way street.

  • The old center (1984-88) was in an area that many perceived to be unsafe

  • The new center needs to be self-sustaining.

  • Make sure there is support from the broader community.

  • Economic empowerment/financial educations

  • Veterans/Military

  • Make it known that children are welcome

  • Community center integrate LGBTQ issues

  • Community Center

  • Health link ups with community center

  • Full utilization of LGBTQ community members


  • Find a way for trans persons to educate others, including the rest of the other LGBTQ community and others

  • Gender neutral bathrooms

  • Center should be trans inclusive: bathrooms & language, text used

  • Showcase language used in all aspects including leadership and framing

  • Approaching prostate exams in trans women in a sensitive manner

  • Help with obtaining binders (skin-tone)

    • Company - GC2B

  • Mentorship program

  • Placing trans persons in leadership positions

  • Working with insurance companies to assist in coverage of transgender procedures

  • Create an interdisciplinary focus on trans community by incorporating services around resources, elderly transgender populations, youth, arts/culture, economic empowerment, etc.

  • Incorporating more gender neutral language in everyday life

  • Software used in facility capable of being gender neutral and understanding both legal names and name changes

  • Guest artist visits or shows (local/national)

  • Support for parents of trans youth

    1. Answer questions

    2. Help them help their kids be truest selves

  • Anonymous help

    1. Group? Hotline?

    2. I don’t know how to implement this...i just know some people might benefit from asking anonymously

  • Free/reduced/sliding scale counseling by someone qualified to give advice/support (preferably someone who is not cis)

  • Develop a medical network. Severe lack of medical and mental help for Transpeople

  • Legal advice for name and legal changes during transition

  • Talking to the center for women and families about their resources, what grants to apply for, how to permeate the community as the do...i.e., the grand jury presentation, etc.


  • Partnering with JCPS on identification

  • Humana - Diversity community may want to get involved

  • Wine & paint with LGBTQ there could us for networking as a fundraiser

  • Advertising throughout the state

  • Advertising statewide

  • Actors theater, pandora partnerships

  • Poverty relates to access level

  • Financial class

  • Social worker on site

    1. Grants, link with services

  • Link up with TARC to provide transportation to community

  • Wealth planning including investments, savings and shared accounts

  • Life + skills training

  • Poverty level

  • Practical education groups on food banks

    1. Highland community center to reach those in different communities and different groups

  • LGBTQ+ individuals at Louisville time bank

  • Financial classes

  • Include social workers at center to help with services

  • Partner with TARC for transportaion

  • Will workers be paid or will they be volunteerS?

  • In charge, in front, in time

  • Be cohesive


  • Art show for pride

  • Area for access to pky art supply

  • Music instruments

  • Art community involved

  • Access for community to art

  • Art display

  • Movie nights

  • Small library with books/movies

  • Music - louisville gay men’s chorus

  • Art therapy class

  • Drama group - performs for schools regarding bullying

  • Art therapy - educational drama/performance

  • Use LGBT created art to decorate facility

  • Educational drama/arts group

  • Music/art festival, guest speakers, plays, LGBT book club meetings

  • Grants to help fund LGBTQ+ artists

  • Grants to budding artists - local gallery where they can show their work

  • Plays, art festivals for fundraising, art therapy

  • Plays, ballets, kentucky center (reach out to community), LGBT art show (w/raffles to profit center)

  • 80’s center had drag shows, plays, dances (saturdays), editor of the advocate (guest speakers) brunches on sundays


  • Counseling and education for parents of lgbt youth

  • Helping Pflag parents and family members get their message out

  • Help families not be invisible

  • Advocating for foster care or LGBT youth who have run away

  • Surrogate family to provide save place

  • Groups and therapy for nontraditional families

  • Family therapist

  • Military families outreach

  • Adoption

  • Family Planning LGBTQ parents wanting kids

  • Support for children with LGBTQ parents

  • Support for individual unable to come out

  • Talks about comfort

  • Kentuckiana LGBTQ Alliance want space for their activities like an activities rooms

  • Offer trainings to foster/resource families or DCBS workers

  • Parent support groups

  • Education around legal stipulations including adoption for LGBTQ parents

  • Counseling for families dealing with a member coming out

  • Working up CWF and state board with foster parents

    1. Trainings

    2. Resources

  • Meeting Space

  • Pot Lucks

  • How to deal with family rejection and building support

  • Parent groups meet and greets

  • Facebook ads

  • Trainings for family services

  • Counseling services

  • Family outings


  • Binder; Ace bandages for trans youth

  • Transportation (RideShare)

  • Knowledge of knowing about resources

  • Satellite offices for outreach

  • Provide meeting space for diverse groups in the community

  • Need for LGBT shelter young adults 18-26

  • People with HIV need help when 1st diagnosis

  • Clothing and everything for people that was kicked out

  • Car service for people with disabilities, driver knowledgeable of disabilities

  • “Come as you are” night (being able to be who you truly are, perhaps through performances)

  • Language resources, counselors for this (English class)

  • Meditation room

  • Writing workshops - Modern Louisville

  • Photography

  • Photovoice

  • Performance art including drag

  • Large parties/balls (Bow Arts Ball)

  • Reach out to refugee community (cultural awareness)

  • LGBTQ october awareness month

  • Special collection of Lou. LGBTQ/Speed museum, U of L, LFPL

  • Driving tours/LGBTQ spots in Louisville

  • Crisis hotline - monitored 24 hrs by people who identify

  • Mentoring Hotline/Quick Resources

  • Secured access to information for safety/security - not accessible by public without some level of security

  • Community calendar for meeting of both social and specific groups

  • Driving tours of LGBT spots in Louisville

  • LGBTQ library - collection of resources that currently exist

  • Safe secure meeting space open to community organizations, low cost, easy access/scheduling

  • Advising council/legal counsel for individuals who are being bullied in school

    • Education group who educates teachers students about bullying /stopping /combating.

  • Financial awareness for same sex couples

  • LGBT team sports

  • Parents night out so parents meet and collaborate

  • Center resources for same sex couples who want to have children

  • Centering family and including daycare

  • Financial education and well being classes for LGBTQ specific classes

  • Needle Exchange?

  • Safe Sex Education

  • Life skills classes

  • Employment Training and Opportunities

  • Printers/PCs

  • counseling/housing/social work wrap around services.

  • Staff training for people with LGBT communities

  • Legal advocacy for adoptions

  • Self help monitoring program to help individuals come out to family

  • Helping LGBT youth with housing and transitional living

  • Training for people to know how to treat the population

  • Small library

  • Telephone directory - develop one for LGBTQ resources in community

  • Location/Facility

    1. Transportation

    2. Runaway

    3. Open 24/7

    4. Coordinate with safe place

  • Please consider translators for immigrants and refugees

  • Handicap accessible, be mindful of people who experience sensory process issues

  • We need a chaplin onsite at the facility who is a neutral resource person.

    1. For faith based questions and referral to other churches that are supporting of the LGBTQ community


  • Churches that coordinate the visits to the nursing homes

  • Spalding social work to engage in support and strategies to the geriatric population just coming out later in life

  • Elder care

  • Government advocacy

  • HIV education for elderly

  • Nursing home/rehab

  • Rehab facility - concerns with LGBT proper healthcare

  • Setting - u of L progressive

  • Exposure in community, medical issues

  • Trans vs. normal - different treatment

  • Proper pronouns

  • Understaffed facility

  • Community center training to help gain more experience

  • Medical schools focusing on curriculum

  • Summit

  • Netherlands - elder specific housing open to college students free will benefit from the elder populations. Creates harmony and companionship. Retirement community

  • SAGE - Senior Aging Gay Elders

  • NY/San Francisco Aging Facility Specifically for LGBT

  • Financial Planning

  • Rentable Space for Events

  • Diverse economic status from leadership

  • Help elderly with transition services maybe coordinate with homes to have a dedicated space i.e. LGBTQ wing

  • Elder abuse classes for the elderly or families with LGBTQ relatives. Help remove stigma

  • Advocacy

  • Outreach for LGBTQ+ elders who are in nursing homes to make sure they are being supported and cared for since they aren’t able to leave the nursing home

  • Starting groups like GSTA’s within senior living centers. If they are unable to come to use the center, we can help establish a community they have access to.

  • Start a chapter of SAGE (Fairnes has already been working on this - get with them).

  • + disabled. poverty/low income.

    1. Involvement with community centers that serve low income often have programs and places with regular meetings

    2. Use as an outreach place

  • Programs for retired LGBTQ veterans

  • Transportation/partner with TARC


  • Minority Stress

  • Abuse from churches and spiritual backgrounds

  • Better outcome with drug programs that are specific to LGBTQ community

  • Provide educational training

  • Where are you? DON’T BE INVISIBLE

  • Coping mechanisms

  • High rate of abuse within community

  • We have better recovery rates when services are geared to US community center world after LGBTQ recovery programs to make them LGBTQ inclusive

  • Grief counseling some trans experience that is the same as experiencing a death

  • Substance abuse some way of getting them help

  • Guilt from religion which leads to drugs which sometimes lead to suicide

  • Spirituality

  • Having groups of recovery different from AAA (traditional

    • Cognitive research

  • Groups for coming out

  • Building positive support groups

    • Educational sexual trauma

  • Vulnerable groups to assault

  • Support services about feelings connected to others through similar situations

  • Culturally sensitive recovery groups and resources

  • Actors - Educate kids and teachers about bullying

  • Feels comfortable in center - a place where one is not “othered.”

  • Social Workers on site

  • Education for allies and advocates

  • Al-Anon/AA meetings at the center (open to public)

  • Support for the support system (family, friends of those struggling with addiction

  • Sourcing out what people are seeking help for and bringing in resources

    1. Group therapy

    2. Yoga day

  • Community collaboration with JADAC or Seven Counties

  • My experience with AA is that it is very traditional in its male-female sexuality understanding. More unspoken, but real


  • Onsite Counseling

  • Psycho-educational groups

  • Process groups

    • Building support networks

    • Coming out

    • Sexual issues

  • Trans community with resources help navigate the medical world

  • Trans issues not being covered by insurance to be the liaison

  • Inaccuracies as far as sex goes

  • Sane clinic for LGBT

  • Counseling for parents and families of LGBTQ children

  • OBGYN? Specialized

  • Partnering with mobile unit

  • Healthy coaching - mind body and spirit

  • Programming brought in to do health and wellness through pride

  • Diet resources

  • Couch to 5k training

  • LGBTQ healthcare provider system providing grading of providers

    • Safe, friendly healthcare promoters - “Angie’s List” for healthcare professional

  • Health care providers to be trained in specialized care

  • Safe sex education

  • LGBTQ gym/judgment free zone

  • Testing center and biometric screenings

  • Networking - transgender surgeons
  • Create a team of retired LGBTQ nurses, social workers to volunteer and move around to different groups in the community as a resource

  • Service directory - doctors, nurses, clinics

  • LGBTQ running group

  • Mental health training

  • List a network of medical professionals that are qualified to handle Trans medical needs

  • Better physician resource list